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Ordering from our Catalog

Here are a few words about how our sites works - our items for sale is uploaded in this online catalog at
Please enter a keyword or an item number in the search box on top of the page.
When you click at the item images, you will find several practical features:
1. You can choose between languages: English or Danish clicking on the flag and you can choose between several currencies and get the updated exchange rate at any time. (S/H/I to be added - please notify us about shipping destination on inquiries)
2. You can search by keywords, numbers using the search box at the top or  browse by theme and categories (left side) on your laptop. To make your search more specific you can search in the category, which will narrow the results.
3. Click on the image and you will find prices and availability on most at the upper right side
4. You can check availability in the text starting at the upper right corner besides the image. If marked as SOLD, we cannot help you at this point 
5. On a few selected and more exclusive (expensive) items, you still have to ask for a price - but please do so if you are in the market for good stuff!
6. Please note that the first images always are a model photos - look for the information in the text. On figurines we if possible upload images of the current item for sale after the first image - but please ask any quistion about the desired object
7. On most order I need the item number from the text of the listing - so copying the short text and even prices will help expedition
8. All items has been preowned and there is no deductible VAT included in the price.
We are looking forward to do business with you 
Best regards
Jan Ringsmose, Manager (Sale and current stock)
Ages ago we set out to make some information sites for collectors with focus on Coepnhagen Porcelain - with themes and details of all kind like dating by backstamps etc- the pages are still out there - but unfortunately we cannot update them anymore - but maybe we can remake them in the future (Information and themes) (Information and themes)


Payment from USA, America, Canada, Asia, Middle East, Russia, Africa and Down Under will as a rule be in US Dollars via PayPal (Look for the prices in US dollars – PayPal cost is included) – at your order we will send PayPal invoice from our US dollars PayPal account.

Payment from , Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland is usually done by bank money wire (IBAN and BIC address below)  PayPal in Danish Kroner DKK is possible with extra cost.
Payment from EURO-land will as a rule be SEPA Payment in Euro € to our Danish Bank: 
Sparekassen Danmark Østergade 6-8, 9550 Mariager Denmark Account Name: Klosterkaelderen DK Jan Ringsmose  Our  account:  Sparekassen Danmark registration. no. 9070  Account no. 2020286175  IBAN-number: DK6590702020286175  BIC-code: VRAADK21 (SWIFT-address) 
(Look for the prices in Euro – PayPal in Danish Kroner DKK will be possible at extra cost)
UK: We would love to sell and ship to the UK but there is a great risk of non delievery - so there is a realistic change that you never get your parcel. In the best case it will be returned to Denmark and it will cost 2 x Shipping, Handling and Custom clearance  2 x 350 DKK (Ca. 42£). In worst case tif the parcel is lost we cannot offer compensation! Sorry we are not able to bear that risk
UK:  Shipment, handling + Custom clearance up till 5 kg is 350 DKK (Ca. 42£). You might be charged local UK (20%) VAT.  Though the items will be marked as old 2ndhand porcelain with no Danish VAT. PLEASE ALSO NOTE we will not be able to process any orders under 1300 DKK (Ca 150 £) including shipment/handling. Please email us with your questions

All items has been preowned and there is no deductible VAT included in the prices.

In the EU you can regret a purchase within 14 days of reception of the parcel and send the item back at your own expense after communication via mail and have your money back minus the cost of restocking


We do use Postnord (Danish Postal Service) as International shipment courier.
For shipment and custom papers, we always need a phone number along with the adress!
Within ca 24 hours tracking information will be shown at Post Nord website:
How it works with your local Post or Couriers we cannot tell!
Insurance up till 4800 DKK /  690 US$  / 650 € is included
Examples of shipment cost 2024:
The cost for a parcel up till 5 kg including insurance & tracking # 
Germany / France,/ BeNeLux, / Polen / Monaco 20 EUR  
Italy / Spain / Ireland / Most other European Countries : 40 EUR
USA / Canada : 65 US $
Australia / New Zealand  : 60 US $
China / Hong Kong / Japan:  50 US $
South Korea: 45 US $  
Iceland: 350 DKK
UK:  Shipment , handling  up till 5 kg is 250 DKK (Ca. 30 £).  PLEASE NOTE we will not be able to process any orders under 1300 DKK (Ca 150 £) including shipment/handling to United Kingdom. Please email us with your questions (If you have an address with friends or a holiday destination in EU we will be happy to serve you.)